Important Tips to keep in mind while choosing a course after 12th

Important Tips to keep in mind while choosing a course after 12th

21 Nov 2022

Joining the right degree is one of the biggest decisions that is ever made in the life of any student soon after the completion of his/her Class 12th or PUC. The degree is the basic eligibility for the student to get employed and start his/her professional journey in the industry as a skilled professional.

The educational institutes offer the students a life-changing experience that helps them to achieve their highest aspirations of life in both personal and professional setups. The selection of the right course and right college soon after their 12th will act as a successful partner throughout this journey.

The present article tries to elaborate some of the important points that are to be taken care of by the students before choosing any course or college after they complete their Class 12th or PUC.

Analyse the Goal

It is very important to identify the inward appeal and motivation for joining any course. The students should have clarity about their desire and goal of what they want to achieve in their professional journey with a degree in hand. They have to introspect on the following questions within themselves before joining any course.

  • What is his/her interest?
  • Are they interested in being a career switcher or a career progressor?
  • Is salary important or interest in international exposure?
  • Whether the goal is to broaden mental horizons through education?
  • Is it to hone the skills for career enhancements?

Select & Compare different colleges and courses

It is imperative to understand; why one should have detailed information about the colleges and courses even before joining the course. Making the right choice when it comes to the choice of college and course is always a difficult task, but with proper planning the process can be easy. The students have to shortlist the colleges and courses that are according to their interests and requirements like location, finance, quality, infrastructure, placement, etc, before taking further steps.

Check for Accreditations

There are a large number of colleges that offer an ample number of courses across the globe, while some are genuine while many are fake. It is essential that the students should be capable of identifying the difference between fake and genuine ones. The genuine colleges are always accredited to governing bodies that are directly and indirectly managed by respective governments and governing bodies like AICTE, UGC etc, while fake ones don’t have any such thing. 

So, it is important that the students should check for valid accreditations of the college and the course before choosing them. Accreditations play a key important role during placements; the recruiting agencies recruit students only from accredited colleges.

Faculty Profiles

The faculty forms a major strength in any college as they are the backbone of any institution. The students have to cross-verify the qualification of the faculties available in the colleges and specifically for the courses of their choice. The students have to perform a detailed analysis of the college before joining any course.

Course Curriculum 

Every college has a specified course curriculum that will be designed according to the latest trends. It is the responsibility of the students to have a check about the topics and subjects that are taught in the colleges.  The students should also understand whether the syllabus is according to their requirements and is it relevant and supportive for their career growth in the future.

Infrastructure & Facilities

The students have to cross verify the availability of infrastructure facilities like cutting edge teaching aids which includes Overhead Projectors (OHP) in all the classrooms, full-fledged auditorium halls with all the audio-visual aids, seminar halls with AV facilities, computer labs with latest software, etc in the colleges. All these form a crucial role in one’s education and it is advisable that the students should personally visit the campus to have a better idea of the college.


Scholarships are the buzzword today in all the courses and colleges, but it is also essential for students to have a detailed knowledge about the type of scholarships that are being offered by the colleges for the courses. The students should also have a clear idea about how the scholarships are awarded by the colleges to the courses as to how they are helpful to them. Different colleges have different scholarship types and students have to gather the detailed information to have a clarity of scholarships.


The main reason for doing any course is to have a better career opportunity and better career growth. A detailed survey should be done from all possible sources by the students to have an outline information, especially when it comes to placement statistics about the colleges and the courses. The students should choose their courses and colleges carefully only after getting satisfactory information and records of the placements. It is also important to identify how aligned the course and college is with your industry goals. Another important aspect when it comes to placements is about the special programmes that are offered by the colleges for their students, that makes them competent to crack the campus interviews and sessions.


Internships help the students to have a real-time exposure to the real-world working scenarios in the organisations, while they are still studying their course. The internships do play an important role in getting placements in various top organisations. The colleges provide internships to all the students to some courses; but what matters is where the students are sent to execute their internships; either in the reputed companies or in some small and struggling start-ups. The students should verify the tie-ups and collaborations of the colleges with industry for internship opportunities that are available for the courses in the colleges.

Campus Life

The best experience of every student is to enjoy the best of campus life when they join a best college that provides an excellent campus life experience. Campus life memories are lifetime memories that can happen only once in a lifetime. The students should look for colleges that provide best of campus life experience like excellent hostel facilities, good eateries in the campus, physical activities centre for various physical activities like jogging, walking, gym, aerobics, Zumba, etc. The students should also try to find out what the Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) activities organised by colleges can help them to become better individuals.


Choosing a college for any course may be difficult; but a focused approach can make it simpler. The above few points may help the students to choose the best one for their studies. All this information helps the students to a great extent and increases their chances of securing an admission in a good college for the course of their choice.

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